The Little Things In Life Can Make A Big Difference

Treat Senior Dogs HumanelySometimes the little things in life can make a big difference.

Below are a few products to better care for your senior dog as well as some that provide her with extra comfort and convenience.

Removable Bed Covers: With a quick unzipping you can throw stinky and stained bed covers into the wash. Also consider buying a replacement cover made of Crypton fabric that repels stain, fluids and bacteria.

Specialty Beds: If you haven’t shopped for a pet bed lately you’re in for a surprise. Today’s beds will warm, cool, even massage your dog. Incontinent senior dogs can rest better (and stay drier) with slightly raised beds made of mesh where urine flows through to a protective pan below.

Area Rugs:  Got slippery tile or linoleum in your house? Provide better footing for your dog by placing area rugs with non-slip backing on floors.

Dry Shampoo: Your dog will smell fresh as a daisy between regular grooming sessions with these powders, foams and liquids. No rinsing necessary.

Water Bowl: Proper hydration is important. Place an extra water dish near your dog’s favorite spot so she doesn’t have to go far to quench her thirst. This is especially important for senior dogs with mobility issues.

Steps: Whether you buy or make them, carpeted steps help your dog get on and off furniture with ease.

Strollers: For dogs who aren’t as spry as they once were, these modified baby strollers get them outside for a little fresh air and stimulation. Some strollers can accommodate dogs up to 70 pounds. If your fur baby is larger, try a children’s wagon outfitted with a fluffy pillow.

Diapers: For our older dogs who dribble and drip, doggie diapers can help. There’s even a company that makes harnesses to secure droopy diapers in place.

Veterinary Records: Keep track of your pet’s medical records, insurance claims, and other vital information through organizational software programs or web based information storage companies. Low-tech options include manila folders or three ring binders.

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